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We offer educational programs to groups about keeping exotic caged birds. We feel strongly that we cannot just be involved "in the middle." We must be available before a bird is taken home and again if a bird cannot be kept. We need to be there as a safety net to take the unwanted bird.

We have been invited to give educational programs at the Livonia libraries for several years. Since we started these programs, we have been invited to do more throughout the area.

Recently we sponsored an educational seminar titled "Wild About Birds." The programs included Glenn Reynolds from the World Parrot Trust, Dr. Pete Sakas, DVM (Chicago), Dr. Irene Pepperberg, and a panel of local veterinarians . The proceeds from that seminar went to the Alex Foundation. 

Our club also provides shows for libraries, schools, retirement communities, festivals and fairs, and many other forums. If you are interested in educational programs or booking one of our shows, please contact Tammy Carol at or by phone at (734) 422-5981. 

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