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Our rescue and relocation program was established in 1998. In an effort to comply with our goal of rescuing exotic birds that are no longer wanted, this program was established to offer permanent housing for these birds. We are listed with several veterinarians' offices, pet stores, Huron Wild Bird Rescue, and the local humane societies as a club that is actively involved in caged bird rescue. 
Since we began,we have received hundreds of birds. Many are surrendered with special needs or have problems. Commonly, they exhibit plucking, screaming, or biting behaviors. We have, howver, been able to place them in loving hands of new owners who are willing to work on these problems and provide the veterinary care, love, and attention some of these birds need so much. When given the attention and care they need, these birds often become great companions. 

If you are interested in adopting a bird, please contact us at (734) 422-5981 or print and fill out an application here that you can scan and e-mail to or bring to one of our monthly meetings. 

Before choosing to adopt, please see our Considerations for Bird Ownership.

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