Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue
Garden City Michigan, 48135
(734) 422-5981
Non-profit Section 501 (c) (3)

Our next meeting is our annual picnic / open house. The picnic is at Garden City Park under the large pavillion from 10:00 AM untill ??? We look forward to seeing you there. OUR NEXT MEETING AT THE CHURCH IS ON SEPTEMBER 25TH 2:00PM AT THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 6443 MERRIMAN RD IN GARDEN CITY. !


About Our Club and Rescue We are a bird club and a registered 501(c)3 rescue dedicated to education about companion bird care, health and welfare. Our rescue is run to find new, permanent homes for unwanted companion birds. Our meetings are open to everybody so please consider joining us at an upcoming meeting.

Last edited on 7-26-2016

Elected officers:



Dave Carol


Vice President

Steve Plafchan



Kathe Cote


Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Tammy Carol


Board of Trustees

Mary Perva

Susan Dixion

Henry Jedrzejek